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perfectly imperfect

but being made perfect

the imperfect woman
20 June 1982
Am an ecstatically happy wife and mom!
I am a Christian - this means that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Yes, it means that I have standards and that I know there is absolute truth. It also means that I know forgiveness and what it means to be flawed.
My husband Todd is my best friend and the biggest blessing God has ever given me.
Cooking is a huge passion. Am pretty good at it, too.
Am a shopaholic and will not ever be willing to go into therapy.
Adore the color pink, shoes, anything feminine or girly, as personify girliness in sometimes slightly scary way. However, do not feel particularly apologetic as love being silly and embracing whatever brings happiness.
Have become increasingly interested in Christian apologetics, especially C.S. Lewis and Ravi Zacharias.

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Gus is a big boy dog now!

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Am a little funny about who reads the inner workings of my mind, so my entries are friends-only. If you'd like to be my friend, ask and I'll most likely add you.